Gospel musician Anita Afriyie’s marriage in Hot waters (video)

Anita Afriyie and her husband, Dan Kay
Anita Afriyie and her husband, Dan Kay

Ghanaian gospel musician Anita Afriyie took to her Facebook page by calling on followers to follow her new page because, all her old videos have been deleted, including every live videos she recently did.

According to GhanaRegions.com analyst, she doesn’t want to explain into details why she is loosing that account, and all her other social media accounts.

In Her live video, someone shared a comment like, “he should chew the page we are going” and another person also, asked about Anita’s relationship with her husband as at now? but she replied in her live video that, she is not actually there because of that, and moreover she is not ready to talk about her marriage issues!

Anita then advised her followers to keep on moving in life, since there are people who just want to cause problems and also to draw one back.

Watch Anita Afriyie’s Full Video Below

@ghanaregions Asemoo! Anita Afriyie’s mąrriąge in h0t🔥wąters, Unf0llow and f0llow her. #AnitaAfriyieThunder #AnitaAfriyie #GhanaRegions ♬ original sound – Ghana Regions

Anita Afriyie therefore pleaded with all her followers to follow her new page on YouTube and on Facebook but, they should unfollow the old social pages.

Could there be some misunderstanding between she and her husband? or the marriage is no more? and her husband has taken over all her social media pages?
We are yet to find out more..


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