About us

In 2006, the Certified Google Optimizer Dr Debrich Jeremiah Acheampong, the CEO of Debrich Group of Companies, Oil Filed Ministries [OFM], Debrich University College Of Missions [DUCOM] & OFM Computer World Europe hosted his first website online.

Debrich Group operates throughout Ghana, Nigeria, Europe & the world. We are specializing in news reporting, public relations, advertisement & Monetization company, Artiste management, Record label, product review, search engine optimization (SEO), domain registration, web development, Apps development, web hosting, VPS services, TV Setup, Radio Setup, graphic design and many more.

Today, Debrich Group Record label has joined his Award-Winning and Multilingual Artiste QUEENLET and other 5.9 billion traffic makers from global digital platforms like Amazon, TuneIn, Google podcast, Africa Radio Stations, Web Radio Box, Facebook, Apple, iTunes, Podcast Index, Podchaser, iHeartRadio, OFTMTV etc to take the online Radio Stations to another level.

Debrich Group is already connected to over 5.9 billion podcast network and traffic, with about three (3) million mobile apps users per month.

Debrich Group Of Companies at DebRich.org or DebrichGroup.com, we are the bedrock of companies, brands, the foundation of any enterprises. Our DNA is full of Entrepreneurs, Organizers and Managers of global industries. We are the promoters in the entertainment industry.

Debrich Group Of Companies have over 170,000 RADIO STATIONS in our database from various website links below.
01. http://GhanaFMradio.com
02. http://AllGhanaRadio.com
03. https://RecordFMradio.com
04. http://radio.GhanaSky.com
05. https://radio.GhanaPa.com
06. https://NigeriaRadioStations.com
07. http://ofm-tv.com
08. https://GhanaRadioStations.com
09. https://AfricaRadioStations.com
10. https://WebRadioBox.com
11. https://GhanaRadioTv.com
12. https://ofmtv.com
13. https://ghcast.com